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Privacy Policy

Other than if you sign up to our mailing list, or if you purchase goods from us or create an account with us to facilitate shopping on our website, we collect no personal, identifiable information about you during your visit. Cookies may be set by our visitor analytics software (Google Analytics), but they are done so on an anonymous basis.

If you choose to sign up to your mailing list then you are asked to provide an email address – otherwise we won’t be able to send you any emails, and we wouldn’t be able to address you properly.

If you create an account with us we collect certain personal information, such as your name and email address, as well as giving you the opportunity to let us have your date of birth, and to create an address book of useful entries. We only maintain these details in order to make your life easier when shopping with us, and to to fulfil our obligation to deliver the goods you buy from us. All those details are kept safe through the use of 128bit encryption.

We are not aware of, nor do we store your financial details (such as debit or credit card information) at any stage during the transaction process, nor do we, or will we ever, share any of our customers’ details with any third parties.

We hate spam, or unsolicited emails, as much as you do. We only send emails to people who have signed up to receive them, and only when we think we have information which will be of interest to the recipient. Every newsletter email we send out has an unsubscribe link, or alternatively you can email us at any time at with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line, from the email address that is subscribed to our mailing list, and we will remove you as quickly as possible.​

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